We were asked by the Mahomes Team to create NFT art pieces based on Mahomes’ career. The catch? We only had a week to complete the brief! True to our name as an agency that executes ‘impossible’ briefs, we came up with the concept for the ‘Museum of Mahomes’ with lightning speed.

We themed the pieces to be showcased in a heroic setting befitting of Patrick’s stature as the face of the league. Each piece paid homage to a memorable moment in his exciting career.

Our team accomplished an NFT drop that broke the world record for highest grossing athlete NFT drop ever, generating $3.7 Million in revenues. During a time when NFT art was largely sloppy, this drop exemplified the notion that quality art sells the NFT just as much as the talent does. We feel like we established a new benchmark for quality NFT art with the release of these NFT’s.